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Honest conversations with guest so that viewers get a glimpse into their journey.

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Host Chea K. Woolfolk has intimate conversations with guest to get their truth.

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This isn’t a show with fluff it’s a show to become more than acquaintances.

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Our guest become family and family can share their truths without judgment and repercussions

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Meet Ms Chea...

Chea k. woolfolk

Chea Chea Media- is more than a television network, it’s a network of people just like YOU. Chea  K. Woolfolk  launched her dynamic digital media platform on November of  2015. The platform consists of:

  • CKW the magazine which is her digital magazine which boasts 15 million of impressions views and downloads combined per month and was launched April 1st
  • N.I.T – Nothing is Taboo talk show which is a live streamed talk show that Chea K created and executive produces along with her co-host and producer Tonya Godsey-Lowe and their guests cover topics ranging from health and fitness, relationships, social commentary, to sexual health and welfare.
  • The Chea K. Woolfolk Show where Chea provides quality content spanning various topics and genres of entertainment will be going into its third season.
  • Chea is a tireless worker who strives to provide quality entertainment and content on all of her platforms. She is also a dynamic hostess and speaker who is frequently sought to do quality events across the U.S.  


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