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We are an innovative closed professional partnership program where our name is our mission.

We seek to Protect, Empower, Educate, and Restore the lives of others. The P.E.E.R group consists of our professional partnership participants referred to as The P.E.E.R Group Professionals and our P.E.E.R Group members.

By harnessing the networking power of our professional partnership program, professionals from a wide variety of industries have been able to:

Gain clientele – Through our revolving referral practice, training program, membership program, and networking opportunities. Professionals often partner with one another to obtain additional significant business contracts.

Obtain Education & Public Speaking Opportunities – By attending trainings and workshops that are conducted by the participating professionals; and

Reduce operating costs – The professionals offer their services or products with an exclusive discount to the other participating professionals.



The P.E.E.R Group offers the countless discounted services, products, and trainings that flow throughout this unique partnership program as a membership to the public at large through our TPG membership Program.

The Professionals share their wealth of knowledge to individuals, companies, and organizations at little to no cost through our year-round workshops and trainings on various topics drawing from their professional background.

Our Professionals also serve as consultants to our members. They train on proper utilization or maintenance of the discounted service and/or product they are providing, then (if needed) refer the member to a professional participant that may further assist them by doing the same. Our members have found that this revolving referral practice (step-by-step process) often ensures they aren’t overwhelmed by the requirements of the task and makes the process even more affordable.

At the P.E.E.R Group we believe that when others know better they are then able to do better, which ultimately benefits our society as a whole. Take a few moments to join TPG as a member, refer a professional, and/or apply to our professional partnership program or non-profit professional partnership program today!


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