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Liberty Tabernacle Church, Senior Pastor (2100 St. Louis Ave, Louisville, KY 40212) 502-775-5933

Pastor Kim is a “Freedom Fighter,” sent forth under the Authority of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to, “Set the Captives Free” She served over ten years in the United States Army, where she earned numerous awards and accommodations. She has traveled to over fifteen countries from the Far East throughout Europe. She served as an Equal Opportunity Representative and as a Certified Instructor in the United States Army where she trained thousands of individuals in the areas of effective communication, stress and anger management, cultural diversity and many other topics.  After her honorable service, she was inducted into the American Legion and the Disabled Veteran Association.

With the military behind her, she began a new journey in Louisville KY where she held a position as Production Assistant for WHAS-TV Evening News and Research Analyst for “Louisville Tonight Live and  received an Emmy for her work on the story on the firing of Louisville’s Fire Chief.

   As a graduate of School of Social Work from Spalding University, she began to follow her passion in becoming a change agent.  Kimberly began working with youth ages 14-21 empowering them to reach for, and attain self-sufficiency through a series of life skills and employability skills training. She also began serving youth within her church as Youth Director, teaching biblical application for everyday life.  In 2001, she began a woman’s support group “Who am?…. I am Woman that is geared toward helping women overcome issues of abuse and barriers in life seeking ways to regain self-esteem, self-worth and empowerment.

In 2005, she received orders from the Lord to “Blow the Trumpet, Sound the Alarm, Send out the Battle Cry It’s Time!!!!”  This assignment moved her from serving youth to equipping the saints of God with the weapons of warfare to identify the strategies of the enemy.

In 2007, the Lord spoke to her again but this time it was about the Marketplace Anointing and positioned her as Program Manager Goodwill Industries Power of Work Program.  This program is designed to assist individuals transitioning from government assistance to the world of work.  skills and tools necessary to obtain and maintain employment in order to gain a better quality of life.  As Certified Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor, she prepares and equips individuals whose passion is to provide career counseling to those seeking assistance with guidance to pursue their purpose.  

Pastor Kimberly Lane’s mission is to Set the Captives Free by equipping the Body of Christ to overcome the obstacles of life, by identifying the strategies of the enemy, and reminding them that No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Prosper because we are more than a conquerors!! 

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