Enlarge Your Territory…Become a LG TV Contributor

Acts 12:24

Meanwhile, the word of God continued to spread, and there were many new believers.

LG TV is a Family friendly media channel who’s mission is to reach generational gaps, planting seeds along the way letting GOD add the increase.  We have a very diverse audience that spans the globe…young to old, Jew to Gentile…a channel that is for the REST of US!

You have an opportunity to join the LG TV family and be a contributor.  Any area, any topic as long as it relates to the vision of the channel.  Enlarge your Ministry…touch the lives of others or just make them smile for the day!  If you have something to say, recite, comedic joke…keep it clean, you can have a column with LG TV.  Email us a sample of what you would contribute, or fill out the contact form, then sign up to the media channel, we will review and get you started!  We thank you in advance for the increase.


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